Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman

Shamanic teachings and Workshops
Teaching the shamanic keys, that my teachers taught me, from their teachers, and theirs. is an important part of my pathway chosen long before my birthing in this body.   This medicine comes from a long lineage recorded to originate with the Zero Chiefs of Central America from many centuries ago.   The Zero Chiefs were Alchemists, Priests, Astronomers, Mathematicians, and Medicine People who were seekers and keepers of knowledge.  Men and Women were chosen, called the Flower Soldiers, to travel the Americas to share their wisdom and knowledge with others, and to learn new medicine and knowledge from other tribes.   This  in mutual respect and exchange. 

This medicine is rich and profound with its many levels, revelations, and activations.  These ancient Medicine Wheel Teachings, rituals, and ceremonies, are keys that unlock an individuals own inner Medicine Wheel,  showing how one is a part of the whole, bringing balance, and remembering.  Shamanic rituals and workings offer a beautiful way of honoring, connection, reflection and transformation.


(This lot is not Inclusive to all Workshops)

Healing Body Image & Womb Wisdom

Introduction to the Medicine Wheel

The Sacred 20 Count - The Powers of All we Know as Human Beings

The Shamanic Dreamer & The Stalker

Developing Shamanic Dreaming Techniques

Developing Shamanic Staking Techniques

Becoming the Lucid Dreamer

Running your Life Force & Sexual Energy

Finding Your Character Structure & Gifts

Learning Shamanic Grounding Techniques (offered to Children & Adults)

Building and Developing Your intuition

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I am always willing to travel to your area if you have a group interested in one or more of these offerings.