Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman

As of 2018, I have been called to open my circle to those who knock with good intent.  If you are local to the Ottawa - Gatineau area, and want to be put on my private email list, email me at and we can arrange to speak on the phone. 

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To receive notifications for circles, ceremonies, and workshops please join my Meetup Group.    Until we have met in person, or connected, there are some ceremonies that are not publicly announced, or posted on Meetup.                         



Transformational Group Ceremonies& Workshops

There are as many ceremonies as there are individuals and their needs.    I offer both traditional ceremonies, and that, that is born through those seeking.   This applies to all my offerings. 

If you want to be notified of private events and ceremonies, please connect with me through the CONTACT US page, or email   We can arrange to speak of the phone to connect.  

Always willing to travel and bring the alchemy and medicine to your community.  

Rite of Passage Ceremonies are also available.   
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If you are interested in attending one of our monthly Ceremonies, located in 15 minutes from central Ottawa Ontario, Canada.   Please email me from the CONTACT US page, or email