Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman

To receive notifications for most events, circles,  and workshops please join my Meetup Group.    Until we have met in person, there are some ceremonies that are not publicly advertised or posted on Meetup. 





If you are interested in attending one of our monthly Ceremonies, located in 15 minutes from central Ottawa Ontario, Canada.   Please email me from the CONTACT US page, or email


TWO WEEKENDS To choose from in 2016

NEW MOON SAMHAIN- October 28th- October 30th
FULL MOON - November 11th -

November 13th

Transformational Group Ceremonies

There are as many ceremonies as there are individuals and their needs.     I lead many powerful Shamanic Ceremonies  for groups in and out of my community.    When the spirit of the people call, I also dream in new ceremonies for specific purpose and healing, working inline with alchemical law.       I also host community ceremonies through the Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society, which I am a proud member of.     

If you want to be notified of upcoming local ceremonies, please connect with me through the CONTACT US page, email 

I am always willing to travel and bring the alchemy to your community.  

Rite of Passage Ceremonies are also available.