Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman

Book of Life Readings

I can answer some of your most difficult questions by accessing your Akashic records ~ Books of Life that gives personal images and messages. This can aid greatly when faced with big life decisions by bringing clarity and understanding.  I describe these personal images as being likened to your own unique Tarot.


NORTH NODE ASTROLOGY, is the place in your natal chart that shows where your soul intended to overcome and master in this lifetime. Astrology is a blueprint to your soul with North Node being one of the most important signposts to uncover. It is likened to the North Star, your guide to this life's evolution. The South Node indicates what is already mastered, and often people will default here. Life blossoms when one goes after the lessons and cultivation of what their North Node is guiding to. Beyond North Node, further Astrological and Nurmerology Readings also available.

Tarot book of life Readings

TAROT BOOK OF LIFE READINGS are yearly readings, working solely with the 22 major arcana cards. This is not a psychic reading, rather it is a roadmap for your year to come, and shows you what has been left unfinished from the year before, and How to go about the mission for the coming year. There is an independent ceremony offered with this reading, that when engaged, gives an advantage in walking your journey in the coming year.