Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman

Shamanic Initiation - Soul's Apprenticeship

13 Moons

​​​​​​​​​​​Next Group Leaps January 25th - 2019
“Know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and God.”
  schedule and dates below

New to awakening, and seeking a path, or already on your journey of self awareness, Soul’s Apprenticeship 13 Moons, offers a step up for anyone, for their growth and movement towards flow , naturalness,  freedom, and integrated healing.  This sequence of shamanic medicine is a beautifully woven powerful pathway,  a tapestry of ceremony, ritual, age old workings and teachings.  And with so much food for the soul.

The choreography of the whole of 13 Moons is to initiate through a shamanic pathway with intent for self-discovery, to catalyze releasing of old programs, emotionally, mentally, and beyond, within spiritual aspects, to give way, heal and integrate on all levels of the mind.  A step through the fire to new freedoms  of shining Essence.  

A journey to knowing self = wisdom.

Each weekend includes the last, and the all.  To begin is to complete. 
The program is a whole, each weekend builds and weaves together.

Alchemy, Ritual, Ceremony, & Teachings

Your shadow & your essence on a deeper level
…your Dreamer, Dream Body & the Dreamed
….journey to other Realms
…. access to the Unknown
…. your Soul Mission
…. the grace of an Open Heart
…. your Edge and beyond
….. new Awareness
…. new Understandings

and more ...
​Enhance Dreaming  - Open to the Mystical -  Clarify Vision

identify & release schisms, heal, integrate, reclaim

Small group size for optimum engagement.
Online private group for sharing.  Opportunity for personalized ceremonies, and guidance between weekends.

The ayni exchange is shared during the interview.
This is the last year it will be offered at the current exchange due to the additions that have been dreamed into this offering.  It will increase by 355 for the next group. 

13 Moons Group:  Pathfinders 2019
Ottawa Gatineau

January 25 - 26 - 27 – 2019
~ know thyself & the wisdom key ~
Essence & Unlocking Self

March 2 – 2019  
~ key to understanding ~
Shadow Dancing

April 5 - 6 - 7 – 2019
~ key to other worlds ~
The Dream body, the Dreamer, & the Dream ~

 July 20 – 2019
~ mid-summer ignite ~
Ceremony  or Working

August 30 – 31 September 1 – 2 – 2019
~ key to as above & so below ~
Heart Opening & The 5th World

October 25 - 26 - 27 - 2019
~ key to trust ~
Body Knowing & Intuition

December 6 - 7 - 8 – 2019
~ key to interconnection ~
The Medicine & Alchemy Wheels
( & Identifying the Pain Body)​

January 17 - 18 - 19 - 2020

~ key to integration ~
Alignment & Activating Power

​February 8th - 2020
​~ Completion Ceremony ~
& Pot Luck Celebration

There is a gift that comes with actively choosing to engage your growth to woke, when dancing in the medicine of your soul's life intention, in the acceleration… and the rewards acceleration alone bridges, and then with this awareness, healing, and growth, it ripples out to others, both past and future.  So totally in service to The Other.  It's a win win. :)

Engaging from a healed, and real genuine place, there is nothing better you can offer the world 'without', self.  And yet still, the truest gift is courageous authenticity.  It is a beautiful thing when these come together.   They usually come together.


All weekends are held in the beautiful GATINEAU PARK in CHELSEA QUEBEC on the RIVERFRONT 
(15 minutes from downtown Ottawa)