Hi Christina,  brief update since our healing session.  I am happy to say I've been ok.   My anxiety spikes have not been so bad since I saw you.   Very few panic episodes.   I have used the crystal I got from you to help keep me centered, and to help focus and ground my thoughts. Seems to be going well.   After not being able to get out of the house for so long due to my extreme anxiety, I am very happy to be mobile again.   I have not felt this way in a very long time.

Thank You,
Andrew Hicks ~ Constance Bay

I had an amazing experience as Christina guided me through my first trance drum journey and energy balancing.   Her gifts are truly powerful and uniquely woven through a thoughtful, knowledgeable and gentle approach that she brings to her practice.   She is an honest, genuine healer who continues her own journey through considerate guidance and her passion for growth, healing, learning and teaching.    I am especially grateful for Christina’s work with Book Of Life Readings, which provided me with valuable insight in order for me to continue to learn and heal.   I continue to seek her guidance and would recommend her to those seeking the same.

Margarita Garcia ~ Ottawa

Hi Christina,   I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you again for my experience while I attended the Purification Ceremony on November 21, 2014.  It was quite an experience and you are an exceptional leader.   Since the ceremony, I have released a block that has been with me for some time.

Thank you,
Grace A ~ Ottawa

Christina is both gifted and intuitive.  I attended the Mayan Medicine Wheels & Keys Workshop at her home, nestled in the Gatineau Hills. Christina welcomed us with her customary warmth.   I learned a lot.  At this time, I had attended her monthly Ceremonies for nearly a year but with only a cursory understanding of the teachings that partly underlay these ceremonies.    When I took the Wheels & Keys Workshop, it helped give me a second, deeper, introduction to the key concepts. However, it is clear that there are layers upon layers of understanding.   Christina made it make so much more sense, and provided documents so that we could reflect.   There was some learning by doing so we could better visualize the concepts.   The key piece for me was realizing how these Mayan teachings related to the world around them, and, in turn, how these ideas are relevant to me today.

Dr. Peter Stockdale ~ Ottawa

Hi Christina, I want you to know, that since 1996 I have worked to heal, but no one other than you has been able to get me to stop and examine my thoughts and patterns.   

Thank You,
Laura Cassidy ~ Ottawa

Christina Moon Mountain Woman is a beacon of light in the darkness.   This amazing woman has helped me release old pains and hurts by teaching energetic fiber cutting techniques.   By taking me on drum journeys, Christina has expanded my bubble of reality, introducing me to parts of myself I couldn’t see before and bringing to light my own psychic gifts.   She has led us into the womb of mother earth in beautiful ceremony, bringing great healing, expansiveness and consciousness raising.   Christina has led us thru songs of heart and shown us how to raise our voices and beat our drums in harmony with the earth.   And I love her for this and all of her many great give-aways.

Rebecca Lantz ~ Ottawa

Hi Christina, I did not have opportunity to thank you and say goodbye Saturday. I have to tell you that it truly was one of the best Purification Ceremonies that I have sat in.  Blessings of Gratitude until next time. We shall meet again.

Kimberly Ward, Certified Psychic/Medium, Shamanic Practitioner  ~  New York

Back in the spring of 2014, I began attending earth medicine ceremonies with Christina as facilitator and lead.   I am amazed at the way a beautiful and diverse community has come together for these healing experiences and expansive teachings.   Christina is a person of great depth, sensitivity and openness, who gives her sincerity and integrity to the teachings, holding them sacred and honouring both the lineage and the people who gather for these ceremonies. Christina is honest and down to earth, and provides for us a steady bridge to the Mayan & Toltec teachings, and an atmosphere of respect, inner exploration and sharing.

Arif ~ Ottawa

Christina, here are some words I wish you to share with others:   Christina is a very unique and effective, heart centered healer.   She is intuitive, wise, and has a way of getting right to the heart of the issue, with compassion.   I met Christina after trying many things that didn't help.  Christina helped because she empowered me to help myself by using shamanic tools.  She showed me so I could self heal, and being shown ways to challenge and heal myself, I feel much more empowered and in alignment with my purpose and path.     I highly recommend Christina to anyone looking to heal tough issues, or anyone who wants to enrich the path they are on. I also attended a community ceremony she ran, it was very healing and helpful.   I left feeling lighter, more purposeful, and experienced a great healing in that space.

Laura Cassidy ~ Ottawa

       Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman