Reiki Healing

Assemblage Point Shift

Soul Retrieval

Sound Healing

Other Restoration

Past Life Reclamations

Chakra Balancing

Shamanic Drum Journeying

Personal Ceremony Guidance

Thought Form Recapitulation

Tuning Fork Medicine

Dark Force Extraction

I work with my clients through many different Shamanic and Energy modalities for releasing past and current lifetime blocks, and balancing the Human Medicine Wheel; the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Working in a shamanic capacity, getting to the core of the original wound(s), finding the cutting edge to your growth, allowing the gift of self discovery, resulting in healing the broken circle and restoration of wholeness.    

Beyond the personal healing sessions, there are other options for alignment such as through Shamanic Coaching, Workshops, Healing Circles, Community Ceremonies, Clearing, and Readings.
The Introductory Shamanic Initiation Soul's Apprenticeship is a combination of these, offered over 13 Moons, allows for integrative healing, awakening, and growth. I welcome clients to my home for sessions in the beautiful Gatineau Park, ten minutes from downtown Ottawa.   Also available by phone or Skype.   Specific areas for healings can be addressed, or sessions can flow intuitively.    Some of my offerings can can be found below.

Healing Sessions


       Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman