Shamanic Coaching differs from Healing Sessions in numerous ways.    It is for those who require guidance, a spark, or wish to step onto their evolutionary path in a more proactive and conscious way.   It is a commitment over a set amount of time, to be guided on your journey for your best flow, growth, by having support that looks at where your imbalances are, any blocks, as well your strengths, your personal matrix, and character structure, to offer the client ways to come into their own personal power. 

There is no one formula for coaching.    Some of the workings we may engage in, are looking at your Astrological natal birth-chart,  ones stage in the moon cycles,   Akashic and book of life readings,  offerings of Personal Ceremonies, and energy gain assignments that are on the cutting edge for your greatest movement and soul's evolution. 

Shamanic Coaching

       Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman