We gather once a month for ceremony, with exception to the winter months, in the beautiful hills of Gatineau Quebec, located just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa, other months in the Ottawa core.   A monthly healing circle is offered in Ottawa as well.

Ceremony is honoring life, taking time out of daily routine and business to connect with oneself and/or others, to nature, to spirit, to offer balance, and healing, and growth through reflection.   

About Ceremonies:  Shamanic, aboriginal, pagan, or religious ceremonies have been used by the people all over the world for thousands of years to help improve their lives and achieve a greater connection to spirit, to release, to give gratitude, and to honor life.   Working in a scared space, or in nature, with ritual and dedication, are powerful ways that help us develop and enhance our relationship to “All That Is”.   Ceremony acts as an accelerant to spiritual growth.  

These monthly gatherings offer a safe and open place with other like minded people, to share, open your voice, your heart, to heal, regain balance, and come into alignment.  Food for the soul.

In the warmer months, a powerful healing Purification Ceremony is offered monthly in Gatineau.  This ceremony cleanses our human aspects and energy body, connects us to Spirit, each other, and helps us to see where we are at the effect of our shadow, allowing for releasing and balance.   We work within an alchemical container, in nature, in beauty, with respect to all our relations and all who gather.   We work with the elements, with witness to each other, and with clear intent of what we want to transcend in our lives.   These ceremonies generally take place on a Saturday or Sunday, followed by a pot luck.   Car Pooling is encouraged and engaged for the short drive.     

Please Email info@shamanicguide.ca for information if you are local to the Ottawa area, or see the EVENT PAGE to go direct to the MEETUP Group where you will get notifications.

                    moon mountain Woman


       Moon  Mountain Woman