Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman

This includes talking circles, circle of law workings, sound and movement therapies, group counseling, and group ceremony. 

There are as many requirements for group healing and good communication settings,  as there are individuals and their needs.  Many of the past earth ceremonies and ways to come together are returning to the people.   If the spirit of the people dream for a way to come together in harmony, to be heard and seen, a new evolution of healing, celebration, then the old ways and new ways of circle and ceremonies are delievred by Great Spirit through the dream stream to be received and enacted with presence in a sacred way.  Honoring each other,  through listening and good communication, through ceremony, through circle, is honoring yourself, your ancestors, all relations, and the 7 generations to come.  

Offering monthly healing circles to community at different locations throughout the Ottawa and Gatineau region.    

I am always willing to travel and bring the gift of the circle and medicine to your community.  If you want to be notified of upcoming local ceremonies, please connect with me through the CONTACT page, or direct at [], or link to SHAMANIC GATHERINGS OTTAWA on Meetup.

Rite of Passage Ceremonies are also available - See RITES OF PASSAGE page

Transformational Group Work