You may be wondering... Moon Mountain Woman is my medicine name, my power to step into this lifetime.  My given name is Christina.   I am a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Coach, and Leader of Ceremony.  I also weave Astrology into my practice.  

Know Thyself - in all ways, is a beautiful and healing path.   That is the gift of ceremony.  It allows one to take time out in the beauty way, in nature, to be introspective, it reveals so to heal.    

I work primarily out of my home in the beautiful Gatineau hills in Quebec Canada.  I move within community, and offer sessions online and by phone.  I am always willing and happy to travel to share in the Medicine.

After seeking for many years, when I found the Shamanic Path, my Teachers, and this lineage of Knowledge, I was home.   I remembered.   


       Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman