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Welcome To Shamanic Guide.

Are you are a Seeker of Knowledge, Wisdom, and the ways of Earth Healing, seeking to know yourself, and reveal your shadow for transformation? Are you ready and eager to heal in a sacred and alchemical way? Shamanism works in just this manner.  It is an Ancient Medicine Way that bridges the worlds, uniting the as above and so below.  It will find your cutting edge to growth.  Engaging these old spiritual  ways, tools, and the Human Medicine Wheel,  brings us into balance, insight, and healing. We are all made of the spiritual,  emotional, mental, and physical bodies.  These bodies are interconnected.  Shamanism facilitates the healing of the totality of these Human Aspects, and awakens ones shine.  We are starshine and stardust, re-creating ourselves in every moment.     



                    moon mountain Woman

       Moon  Mountain Woman