Moon  Mountain Woman

                    moon mountain Woman

Shamanic Initiation - Soul's Apprenticeship

13 Moons   6 Weekends 

Next Group Leaps December 1 2017
This Program would benefit equally, those newly on the heart path, and already established healers.  

Soul’s Apprenticeship is a beautifully woven tapestry of medicine, ceremony, rituals, and teachings, with so much food for the soul.  It is designed to awaken and initiate one onto the path of shamanism.  It allows for self-discovery and opportunities to step through the fire, while learning tools and gaining knowledge to walk out in the world.   It is an original shamanic offering in the choreography of alchemy, which was gracefully gifted through the dream-stream to meet the rising demand of those who seek their best life and evolution.  

Each weekend builds on the last, will bring mysticism to your daily living, and will aid you in walking your journey in balance even when faced with difficulties and road blocks.  This apprenticeship works with intimate sized groups for optimum engagement, with ongoing online group support, and personalized ceremonies, allowing for healing, growth, and learning, that is met with the level of dedication and engagement.  

“The gift that comes from actively choosing to engage your growth, and dance in the medicine of this soul's lifetime’s, ripples out for others to heal and grow too.   You offer yourself to the world with balanced and shining authenticity: your truest gift.”

Initiatory Shamanic Stepping Stones

To Know Thyself
Shadow Dancing
Engage your High Self
Discover your Dreamer & Dream Body
Travel Other Realms
Expand your Heart-space
Engage Alchemy
Step into the Unknown
Know your Soul Mission
 Enhance your Dreaming
Clarify your Vision
Dive into The Mystical
Walk in the State of Grace

In addition to the gathering weekends, each apprentice will be offered unique ceremonies and WTA's (warrior task assignments), at their cutting edge- (to engage at will), and Online Support for the duration of the program via private Facebook Group.   There is the potential for further study beyond this program. 

There are two overnight stays required (lodging included), to allow for some of the ceremonial keys.  See the weekend dates below. 

Each participant will be required to have a few items such as a Power Crystal Cluster, a proper magickal journal, and a notebook, for the first weekend we gather, as well, two other undisclosed items will be required towards the midpoint and end of these weekends.    It is likely these items will become of great personal value.    Approx. cost of these tools and supplies:  $100

All weekends are held in the beautiful GATINEAU PARK in CHELSEA QUEBEC on the RIVERFRONT  (15 minutes from downtown Ottawa).